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Cyborg Syndicate presents Ribby Rocket, the angriest red eyed tree frog you ever met. He may not be poisonous but his rocket launcher is dangerous! The robot army has invaded his beautiful island and Ribby is not happy...he's looking for some payback. 

NOTE: This is a demo version of the game Ribby Rocket, set to release in March 2021. 

Key Features

-- Linear third person shooter.
-- 3D Platforming
-- Driving and Vehicular Combat
-- Full controller support

Destroy the army of robots that have taken over Ribby's Island with your rocket launcher. Infinite ammo of rockets and no reloading makes for fast action!

Dodge, duck, dive, dip and dodge numerous dangerous obstacles!

Fast paced car driving...because, who doesn't like driving a car or tank or truck with a rocket launcher attached to it!


RibbyRocket [DEMO].zip 263 MB


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I leave my little gameplay checking for some bugs and things that could be improved. Much work remains before the proposed release date but the game looks good overall.

thank you for playing my game! I really appreciate you finding issues and bugs, I had not caught those:) I’ll keep working and fix these issues on the full levels!! Thank you again!

good game

Thanks for playing my game!!! You did awesome! You made it look easy...Maybe I need to make it a little harder :)

so cool.. i love retro style psx.... this good arcade game